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Alexa Romano

ACE in India: 2016
Stanford University
Basketball (Women's)
Albuquerque, NM
Alexa’s Blog Posts from ACE in India: 2016
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I would love to find an occupation that would allow me to travel and to experience the world’s diversity, while collaborating with people who do not have the resources that I have been fortunate to have. I knew that ACE would essentially be the first step in that direction. ACE will be worth it by helping me experience and understand what it means to positively impact people’s lives and hopefully lead to more opportunities to participate, to collaborate, and to develop such programs.

As part of the ACE in India program, Alexa will serve as a coaching assistant for sports activities, teach English as a second language courses, and promote computer literacy initiatives for youth at a community center in Dakshinpuri, New Delhi.

Alexa’s past experiences with service include membership in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Chi Alpha Pentecostal community on campus.

ACE Ambassador Profile

ACE participant posing with VIDYA school children

Alexa Romano is currently a junior on the Women’s Basketball team at Stanford University. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a minor in Ethics in Society. She plans to also minor in Art Practice: Photography given there is enough time. Alexa participated in the ACE in India program where she spent three weeks teaching English and sports to children at Vidya, a non-profit school located in the outer slums of New Delhi. Along with her love for traveling, Alexa is an outdoor and photography enthusiast, spending a majority of her free weekends camping or backpacking.

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Dear Future #ACEathletes,

  • Best advice for bringing ACE back to campus: I took more classes involving ethics especially ethics in charities and non-government organizations.
  • Best advice for bringing ACE back to your team: I encouraged my teammates to apply because I thought it was a life changing experience.
  • Best advice for staying in touch: Instagram and Whatsapp.
  • Reasons for staying involved: It gives student athletes an opportunity to not only go abroad, but to give themselves to a greater cause. We can’t hardly travel because of our sports so ACE is good in that sense but more importantly it gives us another lens in which we view the world, making us more compassionate and aware humans.
  • Tips for documenting your experience: I took many many photos and created a mass album. I printed some of them as well. Most importantly I journaled electronically everyday in India and transcribed it into a paper journal. This has kept my memories secure and my experiences in India fresh in my mind. When I even read it today, I am so thankful that I captured every small detail and my thoughts during that time because I am learning from them. I don’t want to forget them.