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Chloë Lewis

ACE in South Africa: 2017
Duke University
Lacrosse (Women's)
Chapel Hill, NC
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Markets & Management
Chloë’s Blog Posts from ACE in South Africa: 2017
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The ACE program provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from members of different communities across the globe. I am excited to participate in this program to serve a community with cultural backgrounds different from my own, and with such unique perspectives that can help me grow.

As part of the ACE in South Africa program, participants will assist with basic healthcare initiatives, activity-based education and teaching, light construction, and sports programs in the community of Nomzamo township near Cape Town.

Chloe’s past experiences with service include involvement with the Smart Women’s Securities club, a nonprofit with the goal of educating undergraduate women about the foundations of investment and finance; and volunteering with the same local youth lacrosse club that she played for growing up. With her team, she volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and helps run lacrosse clinics for local youth.

Past ACE Ambassador (2017-2018) Profile

ACE participant mountain overlook

Dear Future #ACEathletes,

  • Best advice for learning about ACE: Choose a program that you are truly passionate about –attend the information sessions and talk to as many ACE alums as you can!
  • Best advice for applying for ACE: Expect the unexpected! It is so essential to be open-minded and adaptable in these programs. Regardless of how much planning you do, you can never fully prepare for everything!
  • Best advice for getting started at your program: Take advantage of opportunities to speak with the community members –that is the easiest way to feel immersed in the culture. Also, don’t be afraid to try the food and attempt to speak some of the language(s)!
  • Tips for getting to know your community: Always ask questions and utilize the many resources you have at your disposal. Venture outside of your comfort zone and do not be afraid of failing!
  • Tips for training: It is so much more fun training with other student-athletes than it is training on your own. Take advantage of the opportunities you have to push yourself with your ACE team!