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Judd Howard

ACE in India: 2017
Duke University
Swimming and Diving (Men's)
Irvine, CA
Minor(s) / Certificate(s)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
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The ACE program presents the opportunity to experience and learn from people and a culture entirely different from my own, and bring what I learn back to my team and to my campus. It will undoubtedly leave an impression on me and will be an experience that I carry forward long after my career at Duke is done.

As part of the ACE in India program, participants will be teaching and coaching children and youth, with a focus on educational and leadership development through sports and teaching English and other subjects in classrooms.

Judd’s past experiences with service include being a founding member in the Jewish Student-Athletes at Duke organization, where he serves as group coordinator. Judd also advises younger student-athletes as an ACTION Mentor. His swimming and diving team serves the North Carolina community through “Swimming with the Blue Devils,” an initiative to teach local youth how to swim. Judd has also volunteered with some of his teammates at Durham Rescue Mission cooking meals on Sundays. Through Team Impact, Judd and his team befriended Max, a young boy with cancer, and added him to their roster. Max is cancer-free now, and the team throws a party for him each spring to celebrate.

Judd will be using his ACE experience to fulfill one of his experiential requirements to complete Duke’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate.