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Molo (Hello)!!

Its been almost a week since I have been back in the United States and I have been reflecting back on this incredible experience. Catching up with friends and family, I found that it was best to recap these impactful and developmental three weeks through pictures. As the old saying goes,  “A picture is Worth 1000 Words.” Photos from this ACE trip illustrate on a universal level how special each and every moment was. It is a representation of the reality we lived and reflective of how powerful this experience was. Below are a  series of photos that my team and I captured while being in South Africa.  These images display adventure, knowledge, resourcefulness, teaching, creativity, and unity.

This experience from the moment we hopped on the plane to the last seconds we spent interacting with the local community offered a new and exciting adventure every day.  From planning the sports camp or creating the blueprints for the greenhouse, to teaching the women in the community basic computer skills or learning and understanding a new culture, to hiking and sight seeing in our free time and trying new cuisine, we were invigorated by the time we spent in South Africa.

Overall, I am humbled by this opportunity to grow and develop ACE’s connection within the South African community.  As I stated in my first blog, my goal was to inspire, encourage, motivate, and educate in my time being in South Africa. Hopefully the community feels we met these goals and helped cultivate sustainable footprints for the future ACE participants.


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